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The analysis of the non-return situation of the normal fuel gun baffle

Most current gas stations are using ordinary oil gun, dampers and are there in this oil gun set limit board, in the process of refueling, refueling as child big, the number of refueling time is long, want to grab the switch to overcome oil gun main valve spring force, the operators and customers often choose the oil gun switch the dampers is fixed on the limit board, there is no need to held tight to the oil gun switch, especially to stab the refueling, this can avoid long time hard to catch the oil gun switch.
Come on, just grab the oil gun switch, from oil gun dampers limit board, under the action of spring force return, put oil gun back oil gun inside, complete refueling. But in actual work, the operators or customers often ignore grasp At refueling gun switch off, did not make the oil gun dampers return I put oil gun directly in fuel oil gun inside, make the main flash gun in the open state, carry a gun for the next refueling principle under the oil potential accidents.

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